ZHONGZE Therapeutics focuses on CNS diseases such as substance use disorder (addiction), schizophrenia, depression, neurodegenerative diseases and stroke. Our current highly derisked product pipeline are based on innovation and an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms and properties of psychiatric and neurological drugs. Our basic approach is to integrate target- and phenotypic-based drug discovery with precision neurology. This allows us to discover and develop effective CNS therapies more efficiently thereby addressing the unmet clinical needs of CNS patients sooner.

Neuroplasticity Injury Repair Drug Discovery Platform

      Neuroplasticity injury has become a common theme in both psychiatric and neurologic disorders in recent years. We have focused our core team’s deep knowledge and decades long drug discovery efforts in this area to build a pipeline centered on Neuroplasticity Injury Repair.

Phenotypic Screening Drug Discovery Platform

The exact etiologies of most CNS disorders are unknown which makes phenotypic screen uniquely suited for the discovery of effective CNS therapies.

Precision Neurology Platform

      The complexity of the central nervous systems and difficulty in CNS drug discovery mandate a paradigm shift for the discovery and development of transformative CNS therapies. Our unique digital based precision neurology platform will enable us to: be a leader of innovative clinical trial design, reduce risk and increase the probability of success.

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